Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy: Why We Need to Talk About It!

Credit: @tanyarad Instagram

Credit: @tanyarad Instagram

As I write this blog I realize why this isn't talked about enough... 

I am an open book when it comes to my life, especially when it comes to issues we as women deal with on a daily basis. From career, love, and most importantly, health.

I've been super open about how much I suffer from chronic UTI's and what was crazy was the amount of responses I received from Scrub Sisters (our podcast listeners) with something I'd never heard of before: pelvic floor physical therapy. 

I've suffered from UTI's for many, many years now and what I quickly realized was that I AM NOT ALONE! Actually, far from it. In fact, I'd say i'm more the norm. This is something women suffer from regularly and we just go to our doc, get a prescription and go on our way.

I was testing negative for all of these things but continued to take the meds because I know the feeling and when you know, you know.

What I learned is that your pelvic floor can create phantom symptoms to UTI's and one way to combat this is through pelvic floor physical therapy.

I have also switched out a lot of other things in my daily routine.

*clean & free laundry detergent (like this one linked here)

*No dryer sheets

*daily d-mannose (linked here)

*no more baby wipes down there

As i'm continuing on this journey of being proactive about my health I promise to share my experiences with you guys.

I believe the more open we are with each other the better for us all. Knowledge is power and we need to take the power in our own lives especially when it comes to our health! 

I also got a lot of questions about where I went. If you live in the LA area, I went to Origin for my Pelvic Floor PT and really enjoyed my experience there! 

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