My Experience Doing a 'Staycation' During COVID-19 (& With 'Socrates'!)

Credit: Tanya Rad Instagram

Credit: Tanya Rad Instagram

I did a little staycation in Los Angeles at a hotel last weekend and got a lot of questions about if I felt safe.

I gotta say that I think this pandemic has done a lot on us mentally. I can only speak for myself, but it's definitely created a bit of a suffocating feeling and I just needed to feel like I wasn’t in my apartment anymore.

I have to say, from my experience, the hotels are doing an excellent job of making people feel safe but also transported!

Everyone is masked & distanced. Even being by the pool I felt very safe. I haven’t been in a gym since March and this hotel had private workout rooms that are intensely cleaned in between users.

To be honest, this weekend felt like a little slice of heaven.

I spent the weekend with my boyfriend ("Socrates" as you know Seacrest calls him) and we just really felt so relaxed and on vacation even though we were literally in our backyard.

We danced under the stars, played cards and just enjoyed each other and this "escape."

I highly recommend doing things for yourself during this time when plans are constantly being canceled or postponed.

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