Quarantine Haircare Tips From My Stylist Tauni Dawson

I’ve been trying to take better care of my hair during this quarantine: giving it some much needed time away from hot tools and blow dryers.

I’ve done a couple hair masks, switched purple shampoos and since I've received a lot of questions from you guys on what I’m using, I wanted to share. And, best of all? This advice comes from celebrity hairstylist Tauni Dawson!

I only use products that my hair kween Tauni recommends to me so you're in good hands.

She’s always told me the importance of shower filters. It helps blondes and brunettes with copper, chlorine, lead mineral and other build up. I use and she recommends this one, Raindrops. It's also 20% off right now so hurry!

Tauni also recommends Nine Zero One colleagues Nikki and Riawna's line In Common. Their In Common Magic Myst Universal Elixir is a detangler and leave-in conditioner that adds moisture, shine and texture to your hair. Tauni shares it's great to "scrunch in and go" while getting added benefits. Their website also features a quiz you can take to diagnose your hair. Click here to check it out and score 30% off.

I use a lot of United products (good for blondes) but she helped me upgrade my purple shampoo game MAJORLY!!! I highly suggest Joico's Blond Life Violet Shampoo.


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