Camila Cabello Reveals She's Okay After A Massive Fall On Stage

Camila Cabello took a pretty hard fall over the weekend during a concert in Los Angeles. It was actually a private show so she did not allow phones, but apparently some fans did catch the fall on camera. She later took to Insta stories to let fans know she was okay and actually didn't feel anything.

She said, "The rumors are true. I fell on my f*cking a*s tonight. Like, actually, I think the hardest fall I've ever had. It was like about 6 foot, 7 foot fall. But I didn't feel it because the adrenaline was so high. The adrenaline is so high on stage that I can probably get hit by a truck and be like, 'you guys having a good time?"

When Camila revealed she was okay she added, "And I thought it was really funny. The thing is there were no phones allowed, so I don't even have the meme to show for it. But it's okay, it's recorded on camera somewhere."

I'm SOOO happy she's okay, it's always scary when a performer takes a big fall like that! But, it's good she's laughing it off. I haven't come across any videos of this yet, but if you do please tag me @TanyaRad on socials!

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