Selena Gomez Is In The "I Quit" Mindset & I Think It's The Best Place To Be

Selena Gomez is out on a promo circuit again, so she's been out and about! Most recently she was out in NYC and was spotted with an ex of hers. Our friend, Samuel Krost!

Anyways, Selena was quick to shut down these headlines on her very own Instagram by stating, I'm not dating anyone. I've been single for 2 years. I'm on God's timing note mine."

Here's what I want to dissect...I feel like Selena has kinda "quit" in a way. Which I'm majorly here for! She said she's on God's timing, so she's just doing her thing - living her life and seeing what sticks.

This is the best headspace to be in. Also, I like that she's hanging out with Sammy and other people she used to date. I like that she's not putting people in boxes, this is such an "I quit" move to pull! Just majorly here for this!

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