Liam Hemsworth's New Girl Maddison Brown Possibly Manifested Their Romance

We've all been following the saga that is Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson, basically every detail that develops there. But, we need to discuss Miley's ex Liam Hemsworth now! He's been spotted with a new girl and everyone asking, who is she?

Her name is Maddison Brown and she's a 22-year-old Australian actress. She's on The CW's hit show, Dynasty! Most importantly she's a Scorpio and Liam is a Capricorn. I have to tell you guys..hit is MASSIVELY strong partnership in the zodiac world.

He will give her grounding when it comes to handling her powerful emotions. She will help to warm and soften him. Together they have what they need to build a solid, stable and successful life together.

It's a major YES from me. Now to my fave part of this story! Maddison was playing a game of, "F, Marry, Kill" just back in June on The Zach Sang Show and she said she would, "Eff the Hemsworth Brothers." I feel like she manifested this relationship with Liam. AHHH!

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