Shawn Mendes Turns 21 Years Old & Celebrates With Camila Cabello

Do you remember your 21st birthday? Maybe you celebrated with your first adult beverage, if that's your thing or maybe went out to dinner with friends. Well, today is our guy Shawn Mendes' big bday, the big 2-1 and you may be wondering what he's doing to celebrate.

It seems like he's actually keeping it low-key with his bae Camila Cabello. Shawn was spotted leaving holding hands with Camila as they left Jack's Wife Freda bistro in NYC. While he was asked what his plans were he didn't reveal, instead he seemed like he wanted a moment alone to walk down the street with Camila. Totally respect that!

Maybe there will be a bigger party later or maybe he'll continue to keep it low-key. No matter what he does to celebrate I hope he has the BEST birthday! 🎂

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