Gwyneth Paltrow May Be Onto Something That Makes Marriages Work

I'm really having a Gwyneth Paltrow moment right now. So, I have to share this story! Gwyneth and her husband, Brad Falchuk (these two married in September) only live together 4 nights a week. Yup you read that correctly.

Gwyneth said her married friends say the way they live sounds ideal and not to change a thing...which she revealed in an interview with The Sunday Times. This is how it works - Brad sleeps at his own house when his kids stay over and then he spends the other nights with Gwyneth.

But, here's the KICKER of this story. Gwyneth's "intimacy coach" told her it gives her marriage "polarity" - which means separation, essentially.

So, my thoughts on this...if you are on your 2nd marriage this MIGHT be the move. After all they say distance makes the heart grow fonder and to me this seems like a major YES! It's totally different, but if it works then go for it.

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