5 Reusable Water Bottles That Will Help Keep You Super Hydrated

It's no secret I am obsessed with my hydro flask water bottle. I literally bring it with me everywhere and sometimes you guys ask which size I have, it's the 40oz wide mouth. But, I wanted to share some other reusable water bottle options with you! 

Now that it's a new year a lot of us set new goals. Maybe it's to use less plastic or incorporate more fitness into your life or even just drinking more water? Seriously check these water bottles out...

1. Hydro Flask - Fits so much water inside and keeps it cold! You can even purchase on Amazon.

2. Swell - These come in fun designs and colors, plus they fit in your car cup holder - a total win/win!

3. Hip - This one comes with a little carrying handle. The shape is unique, making it easier to fit in your bag! Plus if you buy one of their bottles they provide two days of safe drinking water to a person in need.

4. Hidrate - This one is next level! It syncs with your phone to track your daily water intake.

5. Bkr - Gorgeous glass water bottles with small mouths and silicone sleeves. They are super trendy as the company is inspired by photography, fashion, fine art and more!

Let me know if you get yourself one of these water bottles! Tweet me - @TanyaRad. Stay hydrated friends.

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