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Are These Earthquake Myths Fact or Fiction?

Seismograph Recording an Earthquake Activity on Grid Paper

Photo: MicroStockHub / iStock / Getty Images

We recently experienced an earthquake so here's what some experts had to say about myths surrounding earthquakes and whether or not they are fact or fiction.

  • Animals can sense when an earthquake will strike
    • No! Studies show there are no perceptible behavior changes in animals before an earthquake.
  • Weather impacts earthquake probability
    • Haven't you heard people say "it's earthquake weather?" well the California Office of Emergency services said they can happen at any time in any weather. 
  • Doorways are the safest place to be
    • Doorways were once considered to be among the strongest parts of a building’s structure.
    • But now, COES said modern building codes and construction have “significantly improved the structural integrity of all parts of buildings,” so the best thing to do during in an earthquake is “drop, cover, and hold on.”
  • California can sink into the ocean because of an earthquake
    • It's because of all the movies we watch that scare us!
    • Experts said the shaking from earthquakes cannot cause California to sink, however, earthquakes can spark landslides that slightly change the shape of the coastline.
  • The ground can open and swallow people
    • The myths of people falling into the earth during an earthquake are only partly true.
    • Although faults do not open, earthquakes cause settling and other ground deformation such as open fissures that people, cars, animals, and other objects can fall into.
  • California has the most earthquakes in the US
    • Nope, Alaska has the most earthquakes!
    • California came in second.

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