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Have You Heard About This Nude Cruise?

Pool deck of cruise ship Azamara Journey (Azamara Club Cruises)

Photo: Holger Leue / The Image Bank Unreleased / Getty Images

An 11-day nude cruise is scheduled to set sail from Miami to the Caribbean next February.


The Norwegian Pearl will be able to hold 2,300 passengers and has been renamed “The Big Nude Boat” for the journey.

Could you ever see yourself on a cruise like this?

It will make stops in the Bahamas, Puerto Rico and St. Maarten…and there is one place on the boat where you are required ro wear clothes. Wanna guess where?

It’s the indoor dining rooms…but there will be outdoor dining areas…if that is asking too much.

What about hygiene???? Nudists will need to put a towel down before sitting anywhere.

Haha! This is a solid NO for me!

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