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Here's What The Orange and White Striped Lanes On The Freeway Mean...

Rush Hour

Photo: titaniumdoughnut / E+ / Getty Images

If you see orange and white striped lanes on the freeway, don’t panic…just to slow down!

Transportation officials in Southern California are testing a new way to get drivers to slow down in construction zones, and — based on early results — they say it’s working.

This started on the 5 in northern San Diego County, where drivers began encountering orange and white lane stripes.

I saw them…and I didn’t have a clue what these lines meant but I’m glad I do now.

Caltrans says the contrasting colors are designed to increase awareness of the construction zone and “enhance safety” for drivers and road crews. Officials hope drivers will not only slow down but also see the lines more clearly in the rain and fog.

They also eliminate questions about the length of the construction zone. With the lanes changing color, there’s nothing to be confused about.

So, consider this a PSA about those orange lines… the more you know!

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