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The 6 Besties Theory Will Change Your Friendship For The Better!

Best friends on a rooftop party

Photo: martin-dm / E+ / Getty Images

TikTok has a 6 Besties theory!

In high school and college… your best friends are your world! But as you get older and move away it’s hard to keep some of those friendships.

Many people expect one friend to fulfill all of their hopes, dreams, and desires. But different friends can have different purposes. That's what the besties theory is all about.

Here are the 6 types of Besties

1. The Dead Body Bestie: the no-judgment friend you can call for help after a major screw-up.

2. Good Time Bestie: the perfect plus-one who is always down for a fun night out or an adventure

3. Work Bestie: someone who already knows all the work drama that you can discuss off-Slack

4. Similar Ambitions Bestie: the friend who is on a similar journey to you — whether you’re both taking art classes for the first time or each other’s confidante while interviewing for jobs

5. OG Bestie: someone who knows your biography like it’s their own and doesn’t need consistent communication to stay close.

6. North Star Bestie: the ultimate bestie who fully *sees* you like your twin flame!

So, think of all your BFFs and when I do, I literally have one of each and I think this theory is spot on!

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