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Have You Heard Of “Fork N' Film"? It's A Movie Watching Game Changer!

Christmas Movie Night

Photo: DGLimages / iStock / Getty Images

I’m all for immersive experiences but this takes dinner and a movie to a whole new level!!

Fork n Film’s tag line is: “Don’t just watch the movie, taste it”

And that’s exactly what happens!

You arrive for a movie screening on a rooftop in downtown LA. The movie begins, and as key events happen on screen (during the movie) the team at Fork n’ Film delivers a coursed-out series of fun and interactive dishes inspired by and timed up with the action.

So, whatever is being served in the movie…is then served to you!

Haven’t you ever wanted to eat exactly what they were eating in the movie? Well, now you can! What a genius idea!

For example: Hagrid delivers Harry Potter an iconic birthday cake, and suddenly, a slice of cake that looks just like the one on-screen is plopped down in front of you!

The movie they are currently showing right now is “Home Alone”…they serve you pizza when they’re all eating pizza…shrimp when they eat shrimp and even ice cream Sundays when Kevin makes an ice cream sundae!

You gotta try it!

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