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Have You Heard About The New iPhone Feature Called 'NameDrop'??

iPhone 13 Pro Max in Silver and iPhone 12 Pro Max in Pacific Blue

Photo: nyc russ / iStock Editorial / Getty Images

Ryan, you probably haven’t updated your phone in a long time…but for the rest of us…there is a new feature called NameDrop.

When you meet someone new…and you want to exchange contact information…you just touch the tops of your iPhones together…and boom…they are instantly in your contacts. No more typing in someone’s number.

But police have issued a warning on Facebook that the NameDrop feature can "share contact information just by being next to another iPhone"— with users unaware of the exchange happening.

This is spreading fast on Facebook and NextDoor…encouraging people to turn this feature OFF. But is it legit?

Tech experts say it will NOT share your contact to any phone in the vicinity. To use NameDrop, you have to physically touch both phones with each other and in the right position. AND…you control the information you share.

So we appreciate police for their concern…and if you’re still not convinced…you can toggle it off…but this seems to be a lot of people freaking about nothing…

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