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What Is The Longest You've Gone Without Washing Your Hair?

Rear View Of Female Taking Shower And Washing Hair

Photo: AleksandarGeorgiev / E+ / Getty Images

36 DAYS seems to be the new trend!

Some TikTokers have been pushing the practice of washing their hair very infrequently, like only once-a-month infrequently.

They’ve been calling this “hair training,” claiming that progressively increasing the time between each wash of your hair will steadily train your scalp and hair to look and be better.

It supposedly leaves you with a fuller and shinier head of hair.

But going 36 days?! That’s WILD and is it safe??????

Let’s just say there are MANY risks of NOT washing your hair… like dirt, dust, insects and various pollutants that fall onto your head that should be washed out regularly!

Each day, your scalp produces oil and other gunk as well. All of this can lead to irritation, itchiness, inflammation and flaking of skin.

If it gets bad enough, you could actually start losing hair.

File this TikTok trend under: No Thank You!

Between this and not washing your jeans…what are people doing with their time?

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