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The New Way To Work Out Is The Cozy Way!

The hottest workout trend on TikTok right now is one that you can do in your pajamas.

It’s called cozy cardio, and it’s meant to be the antithesis to punishing, intense workouts that leave you panting and soaked in sweat.

Remember when I brought up a Soft Girl Life last week? This kind of falls into that category but as your answer to exercise... it’s taking off on TikTok as part of a larger trend that prioritizes slow living and self-care.

Think a leisurely pedal on a stationary bike rather than an intense Peloton class, strolling on a treadmill instead of sprinting.

Cozy cardio is meant to take away the toxic pressure that today’s diet and hustle culture puts on exercise.

Are we here for this? Because this is very much up my alley! I love hopping on my NordicTrack and taking a cozy stroll. Before I know it, 30 minutes have gone by!

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