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El Nińo Is Coming Whether We Like It Or Not!

Transparent umbrella under rain against water drops splash background. Rainy weather concept.

Photo: Getty Images

The weather in LA has been unpredictable and we've already gotten so much rain!

Now everyone is talking about how El Niño is likely going to take over soon — and odds are it will be sticking around for a long time!

· La Niña is when things are drier than usual…we had that for 3 years in a row…which is why we went through such a severe drought.

· Apparently, there is an 80% chance the transition to El Niño takes place between May and July...which means more rainfall then normal…and would stick around until next Spring.

· El Niño occurs when ocean temperatures warm up near the equator off the coast of Peru, as they are rapidly doing now.

· Long story short… enjoy these sunny days while we can because the RAIN may be coming back…maybe even in the summer, when we almost NEVER get rain.

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