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Have You Heard Of The Woman Who Turned Herself Into An AI Girlfriend??

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There’s a lot of lonely people out there. So, a social media influencer launched a "virtual girlfriend" chatbot and made over $70k in one week!

· Caryn Marjorie has 1.8 million subscribers on Snapchat.

· She launched this voice-based CarynAI to "cure loneliness."

· CarynAI, offers "private, personalized conversations" with an AI version of Marjorie…

· Within the first week, she had over 1,000 users accessing the chatbot at a price of $1 per minute and thus making her over $70k!

· She claims, CarynAI will cure loneliness, undo trauma, and rebuild physical and emotional confidence in men.

· And here’s the scary part…her AI is not supposed to be saying sexually explicit things…but IT IS ANYWAY. She is trying to fix that.

Do you think will really help people? Or is it a slippery slope of creating more loneliness?

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