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Sisanie is co-host of Ryan Seacrest's show On Air With Ryan on KIIS FM Los Angeles' Hit Music radio station from 5am-10am.Full Bio


This App Will Text You Things To Do In LA!

If you have friends or family visiting, or just want something to do on the weekend look into “Nudge Text”!

Nudge will texts you things to do in your city and even plans the day out for you!

From date nights, staycations, hidden gems, local events, art galleries, hikes, day trips, weekend getaways, and more!

Plus, it’s free!

Just go to and put in your phone number.

Nudge will text you twice a week with a fully planned experience.

You can also download the app – where you’ll be able to save nudges for later!

Just think of Nudge as your personal planner.

It'll definitely be helpful when you have friends or family visiting!

There are also other cities on Nudge that you can sign up if you’re visiting a new city and need ideas for things to do!

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