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Evidence A 4-Day Workweek Should Be The Future For Everyone!

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Remember how we were talking about Bare Minimum Monday’s yesterday… maybe between that and a 4-day workweek…that will lead to too much “slacking at work”.

But if we focus on a just a 4-day workweek like the UK has been already doing…we may see some of the results that they’ve been seeing! And here is a result they didn’t expect: DADS SPENDING MORE TIME WITH THE KIDS

For six months, thousands of UK employees worked 80% of their usual hours for the same pay. The workers and companies were then surveyed about their experience…

- productivity rose

- stress and burnout fell

- and most of the companies that participated planned to fully adopt a 4-day workweek.

But there was one result that was a bit more unexpected: researchers found that when they worked fewer hours, dads did a lot more childcare activities at home.

The time male workers spent looking after their kids rose by almost 30%!

Dads got back those Fridays or Mondays that they usually didn’t have and therefore improved their family time!

With this new schedule, you have reduced burnout, life and job satisfaction, better work/life balance, mental health, reduced commuting time…AND A MORE EVEN DISTIRUBUTION OF PARENTING.

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