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If You're Not Listening To Music While Working Out, Here's Why You Should!

Woman Exercising On Treadmill Wearing Wireless Earphones And Smart Watch Checking Mobile Phone

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Do you listen to music while working out? I definitely do and if you don't, you should!

Here are 5 benefits of listening to music while working out!

1. Your body’s movement naturally matches a song’s rhythm, which can help you stick to a specific pace! This is so true!

2. You can use music to increase your pace, too. I agree with this because I depending on the tempo if the music I follow the beat!

3. It’s motivating - Depending on the song, it can definitely be motivating! Gotta make that music workout playlist!

4. And music is distracting - As you sing along to lyrics or are reminded of music induced memories, songs let your mind wander throughout an exercise regimen, so you don’t have to stand (or sit) there and think about how hard your workout is! - This is so true! Working out and listening to music is definitely a distraction to stressful things going on in my life.

5. You’ll reap even more benefits when you pick your music - you might notice you’re in a better mood when working out to music you select, which may make you feel like you enjoyed your workout more. And that’s a win-win!

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