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Non-Alcoholic Bars Are On The Rise In Los Angeles! Are You On Board?

Assortment of alcoholic cocktails on a bar counter

Photo: Getty Images

“Dry January” is now a common practice every year…and across LA, there are plenty of options for nonalcoholic drinks!

Olivetta in West Hollywood for example, has nine alcohol-free cocktails on their menu.

Over the past few years, the non-alcoholic spirit industry has been booming.

This is a trend that we’re starting to see more of…as people are more cautious about their health and just overall wanting to eat more clean!

- In 2019, 65% of Americans drank alcohol

- In 2021 it dropped to 60% Could we see it get close to only 50% of U.S. adults drinking in 2023… very possibly so!

And now it is going one step further…and booze-free bars are popping up all over town!

- The New Bar in Venice just opened up a few months ago

- Scratch Bar in Encino is known for making some good mocktails

- Eataly is another good one in Culver City

- The Auburn in Hancock Park serves delicious and complex non-alcoholic drinks.

Either way, over-drinking seems to not be the vibe these days. And I’m kinda on board with less is more. I’m not saying I’ll completely eliminate alcohol from my life, but it can’t hurt to cut back! (for all of us)

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