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Rihanna Released The Official Trailer For The Super Bowl Halftime Show!


Photo: Getty Images

The wait is almost over. Rihanna’s Super Bowl LVII (57) Halftime Show will take place February12th .

And with the Chargers blowing it Saturday night, I am rooting for Rihanna and Rihanna only when it comes to the big game!

Don’t get me wrong, I still love my Chargers but I’m gonna need a minute to get over that loss!


As we know…this is Rihanna’s first performance in five years — and Riri is making it clear that the wait was worth it. The video is a bunch of fans and reporters begging for a new album as Rihanna walks a white runway.

We don’t get much but at the end she basically just looks at the camera and shushes all of us!

Whether there’s new music, a new album on the way or nothing…we’re just excited for that performance!!!

I feel like every few days she’s teasing us with something new though. Before that it was all her new merch!

So, something tells me that she has a lot more that she’s not telling us!

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