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Stop "Winter Coating" And Start "Cobwebbing" ASAP!

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Let me remind you we are in the midst of “Cuffing Season” – where people like to boo-up for the colder months!

But apparently there’s a dating term called “Winter Coating” – it’s a version of cuffing but instead of finding someone new, you go back to an ex… kind of like going back to your old winter coat and you get back together for the holidays.

Before marriage…I was a serial Winter Coater!!! I’ll admit it now, but I didn’t realize it then. I always snuggled up with an ex around the holidays.

If you’re doing this, don’t! You should start “Cobwebbing” which is the opposite!

Cobwebbing is dusting off the "cobwebs" — or old flames — so you can start fresh with someone new.

By actively “cobwebbing” your environment of the past, you can then move forward feeling more empowered, confident and open to meeting someone new.

Easier said than done I know but when I threw one of my exes few pieces of clothes that I was holding on to down the trash chute of my old condo building, it was the best feeling ever! Cobwebbing really does work!

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