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"Prioridating" May Be The Key To Finding Long-Term Love!

There’s this new and low-key revolutionary dating technique called “prioridating.”

It was created by a dating coach and relationship expert at eHarmony, and it’s all about prioritizing yourself and your primary needs in order to find and build a healthy, lasting relationship.

So, no more trying to date someone based on a list of wants—many of those wants are superficial as opposed to core values that will impact your future.

What you have to do is zero in on the one thing you absolutely need… your non-negotiable. Maybe it’s religion or taking adventures etc.

So, when someone matches your top core value(s) there’s a higher chance of it being long-term!

If I had to prioritize my top 3 core values, I would say:

1. Safety – I need to feel safe and protected I would say loyalty would be wrapped up in this too. If I feel safe, I know he’ll be loyal.

2. Social – I live a very social life, always have and I love hosting. I knew I needed someone that could match that lifestyle and enjoy it.

3. Laughter – I need to laugh with my partner!

Obviously, Michael passed with flying colors!

***What would be some of your top 3 core values?

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