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We've Heard Of Red Flags And Pink Flags But Have You Heard of Beige Flags?

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TikTok is saying that 'Beige flags' is a dating trend that could ruin your love life...

I don't think that's true but it's something to think about when putting together your dating profile.

So many of the dating profiles you scroll through on various apps are filled with what TikTok users are describing as "beige flags" — based on a prompt or photo that the person behind it might be, well, a little bit boring.

Beige flags are signs on a dating app that someone hasn’t put much effort into their dating profile.

This doesn't necessarily mean they are boring but maybe they're new to dating apps and don't really know how to fill it out.

If someone thinks that your dating profile has beige flags then, according to TikTok, it typically means that the conversation and the potential date that might follow could also be dull and unsuccessful.

If someone does have a lot of 'beige flags' on their profile, you’ll probably get to the end of it without having really learnt anything about them.

They say the easiest beige flags to spot are the ones that come up time and time again across dating profiles are things like:

  • Quoting the office
  • Talking about Crypto
  • Saying that they’ll probably love their dog more than you
  • Lots of gym selfies and references to the gym
  • Mentioning how sarcastic they are

All of these and more are considered beige flags but I think it all depends on the person.

For everyone 'beige flags' might be different according to what they find to be boring and uninteresting.

What do you think?

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