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Are You A Fan Of Expiration Dating?

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What is expiration dating?

It’s dating someone you know it won't last with. Expiration dating can be a fun and low-stakes way of getting your intimacy fix without the commitment.

It’s a bit like casual dating, but the main difference with expiration dating is that there isn't really any uncertainty of where it's going since you already know the answer: nowhere.

You may be dating someone with an expiration date right now as you’re about to head to college and their going somewhere else.

I have had a few relationships that had expiration dates as soon as we started hooking up. But they were still very special and, in a way, carefree. Even though it's temporary, dating with an end date in mind doesn't make it pointless. It takes a lot of pressure off.

The takeaway… Relationships don't have to be long to be meaningful.

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