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We Have To Talk About How Las Vegas Flooded!

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If you were in Las Vegas this weekend…for a fun getaway…a bachelorette party…a wedding…we are so sorry. Who would ever think a STORM would flood casinos in late July?!

Late last week Las Vegas was hit with a HUGE rain storm which flooded casinos on the Strip and turned streets into rivers.

This storm was so nuts!

It nearly matched in one day…the rainfall total for the rest of the year! There were wind gusts over 70mph! Trees came down! Pea-sized hail fell!

Videos were posted on social media of the lightning… cars left stranded in water on the street and water pouring into Caesars…Planet Hollywood…Circa Sports…the Golden Gate…and the Fremont Street Experience. Water gushed in Caesars Palace from ceiling light fixtures.

It was just blasting through the walls of some of these casinos.

Could you imagine thinking you’re heading to Vegas to have a nice hot summer weekend and a straight up monsoon hits?!

And crazily…this is a very active monsoon season…so they may get MORE heavy rain and flooding this week…and even worse…all this rain won’t affect the drought. Meteorologists say it’s the winter season storms that cover a wide area with rain and snow…that can make an impact. A ton of rain in one area for a day or two…it’s a drop in the bucket.

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