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Have You Heard Of Zero-Proof Dating?!

Happy couple having date and eating ice cream

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It's the beginning of summer and as we get going into this weekend…maybe you have a date or two lined up.

Well, Hinge just revealed the latest dating predictions we’ll see this season and apparently, going to the bar for drinks is no longer the go-to first date.

In fact, 75% of global Hingers would rather not drink during a date this summer at all!!!

Let me introduce you to: ZERO-PROOF DATING

Yes… that is a sober first date or dates for that matter… If I’m being honest, the only dates where I haven’t drank with Michael were when I was pregnant with the twins and then again pregnant with Siveya.

ZERO-PROOF DATING is where it’s at now and here’s why…

  • Singles want dates that create a real connection. Meaning if you’re buzzed or drunk… you’re technically not in the right state of mind while getting to know your potential partner!
  • Gen Z daters are leading the charge… Millennials still want to drink.
  • But then again, for most people, it’s a dealbreaker if a date drinks too much on a first date. So many say, don’t even chance it!

So, what are some non-alcoholic dates you can go on???

  • Hike Runyon Canyon
  • Visit a farmers market
  • Have a beach picnic at El Matador Beach in Malibu
  • Play carnival games and ride the ferris wheel at Santa Monica Pier

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