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What Is Dirty Soda? Everyone's Talking About It Thanks To Olivia Rodrigo!

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Dirty soda is the new trend making waves on TikTok.

In December, pop star Olivia Rodrigo posted an Instagram photo holding a cup from Swig, a soda shop that specializes in making dirty sodas.

So what is a dirty soda you might ask???

- a soda mixed with creamer or half and half, flavored syrups, and lime juice

And it has since popped up all across social media, and Olivia is getting all the credit for making it mainstream, at least in part.

The most popular type of dirty soda — at least as far as social media is concerned — is the “dirty Coke.” It’s Diet Coke, coconut coffee creamer and lime juice

But there are thousands of variations…and apparently this is been big in Utah for quite some time.

The #dirtysoda hashtag has been used over 700,000 times on TikTok.

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