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You Can Now Delete Photos From Within A Carousel Post On Instagram


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Have you ever posted a carousel of photos on Instagram only to later wish you hadn't posted one or more of the pictures inside of it? Say, you posted a round up of your summer but included one with someone you were dating over the summer and wished you hadn't included them in it...

Well, there's a solution for that now, thanks to a new Instagram update.

You can now go in and delete photos from within a carousel! Here's the breakdown of exactly how to remove any unwanted pictures from your Instagram:

First, go to the post that includes a picture you want to delete and click "edit", then you can scroll through the photos within that post and in the upper left hand corner, there is an option to click on a tiny trash can. Clicking on the trash can on the photo you want to delete from your page will prompt you to confirm you want to remove this media and once you click "delete" then boom, it's gone!

The only catch for this method is that it has to be on carousel posts with more than TWO photos. So if you're trying to remove something within a post with only two slides well... then you're just better off removing the post as a whole, I suppose.

Another interesting piece of this is that you CAN recover the media if you accidentally delete something you didn't want to. Deleted media will be stored in a folder within your settings for 30 days, and if you change your mind on the items you removed from the post, you can recover them before that 30 days runs out. You can also go into that "holding" photo and delete them for good if you don't want to have reason to be tempted to recover them without really thinking it through... though I'm not sure exactly what would be THAT tempting but hey, it's an option there for you!

Happy removing media from your profile!

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Photo: Getty Images

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