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How Many Medals Did The USA Win In The 2020 Olympics?

Well, the 2020 Tokyo Olympics have come and gone already. Although, after being postponed for a year I guess saying "already" is a little ridiculous. But I always LOVE when the Olympics are on! We're all cheering for the same thing, and tuning in each night to watch some of the greatest athletes of our time compete... this year specifically the Olympics made me emotional, but that may just be pregnancy hormones talking.

If you haven't been keeping track with the medal count, though, the USA came out on top with number of medals won AND number of gold medals specifically won.

At the end of the Olympics, USA had won a total of 113 medals: 39 gold, 41 silver and 33 bronze. The country with the second most medals was China with 88 total medals, 38 of which were gold. The Russian Olympic Committee followed in third with 71 medals, and host country Japan has 58.

Congratulations and WAY TO GO to all of the athletes who competed in the Olympics this year, especially with the pandemic ongoing and there being limitations on travel, no spectators, etc, this was an especially challenging year to be competing.

If you're already missing the Olympics like I am... the good news is, because of the summer Olympics having to be postponed a year due to the pandemic, the winter Olympics are now right around the corner.

The 2022 winter games kick off in Beijing in less than SIX MONTHS!

And the Beijing Olympics will be special for many reasons: Beijing will become the first city to host both the Summer and Winter Olympics - being as Beijing hosted the Summer Games in 2008.

The Games will start on Feb. 4 and run through Feb. 20. And for the first time ever, the Super Bowl in the U.S. will take place on Feb. 13, which is in the middle of the Olympics. So we have a VERY fun February ahead for us!

What is your favorite Winter Olympics sport?! I think mine is figure skating or bobsledding.

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