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Mattel Just Launched A Naomi Osaka Barbie


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Since she hit the tennis scene, Naomi Osaka has been one to watch. And in the last year she has become more and more of a household name than ever. Not only is she a young tennis icon - champion of the 2018 US Open, 2019 Australian Open, 2020 US Open, and 2021 Australian Open - but she also is both a racial justice and mental health advocate.

And now, Mattel and Barbie just proved what a household name she has become, too, by creating a Naomi Osaka Barbie doll!

The 23-year-old has actually been seen in Barbie form once before! In 2019, Naomi was honored with a one-of-a-kind Shero doll for the brand's 60th anniversary. Clearly, fans of Barbie and Naomi must have made enough stir to want a Naomi Osaka doll of their own, because the brand just announced a new doll: Role Model Naomi.

The doll wears the same outfit that Naomi wore at the 2020 Australian Open, a blue-and-pink Nike tank top and shorts with a white flared skirt. The doll also comes comes with her own Yonex tennis racket, blue Nike sneakers, and a white visor, duh!

And Naomi says she is honored to be a part of the Barbie Role Model series in this way. She also shared, "I want young girls everywhere to feel empowered to dream big and to know that if they believe in themselves that anything is possible!"

And Naomi is clearly a role model for girls outside of sports, too. She recently pulled out of Wimbeldon and the French Open due to wanting to prioritize her mental health above her career, and advocates for everyone to do so when needed.

She is, however, heading to the Olympics to represent Japan in just a matter of weeks. She also will be featured in a new Netflix documentary titled Naomi Osaka which will be released this Friday.

We'll all be cheering you on during the Olympics, Naomi! And until then, you can get your Naomi Osaka Barbie doll here for $29.99!

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Photo: Getty Images

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