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LA Didn't Have The Worst Traffic Is The US In 2020


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If you have been driving around Los Angeles over the last several months, have you noticed there is less traffic?

I will say, a year ago there was ABSOLUTELY less traffic, but traffic does seem to be back. I mean, my family and I went to the Dodger game a couple weeks ago and we say in traffic for two hours. That may have been because it was the first full-capacity game... but I also think it's because of the way things are returning to normal and people are getting on the road.

Last year, 2020, however, reports show that Los Angeles (finally) didn't have the worst traffic in the US!

The Texas A&M Transportation Institute reported that the area that beat out LA for the worst traffic was actually the New York City-Newark area. This is the first time since 1982 that Los Angeles did not come out on top of the worst traffic list.

Buttttt you definitely have to take it with a grain of salt! Because again, the study was only focused on 2020. A year when so many of us were working from home, staying home and not going out and about in the city.

I mean, in 2020, I'm not sure how many times I ever THOUGHT about the 405, let alone drove on it. So I imagine a lot of people were also not out on the freeway with the worst traffic EVER.

Last year, LA actually was tied for 4th place on the list, tied with the San Francisco-Oakland area. Both Boston and Houston had worst traffic than the two California regions, joining New York City-Newark in the top 3.

So there you have it. We can officially say that at least for a year, we didn't have to sit in the worst traffic. But I would also rather have to sit in bad traffic than be stuck in the house for another 15 months... so, did we really win anything?!

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Photo: Getty Images

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