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I Went To The First Concert At SoFi Stadium Last Night

Last night I experienced my first LIVE concert since I believe maybe Jingle Ball 2019? It was incredible to be back in a setting around people and feeling SAFE!

Global Citizen’s Vax Live Concert was filmed at SoFi Stadium last night and featured performances by Jennifer Lopez, J-Balvin, The Foo Fighters and more. Selena Gomez hosted the whole thing and there was one maaaajor surprise - we Prince Harry showed up as one of the presenters!

Here's the thing that was the MOST surprising through: the stadium was packed! You and your party, aka Michael and I, were shoulder to shoulder but with one chair separating us from the next party. I would have been stressed out a couple weeks ago buuuut... everyone in attendance needed to be fully vaccinated in order to go to the event! The guidelines allowed for over 25,000 people to be in attendance!

To get access to the event, I had to show proof of vaccination before entering SoFi. AND because it was being taped for TV... they made us put our phones in those locked pouches. There was absolutely NO FILMING while the show was on, and that part was honestly kind of nice! We just lived in the moment... which feels like something we haven't been able to do in a verrrry long time.

For this event specifically, no alcohol was served but they gave us free unlimited snacks like chips, candy and water bottles... There were food trucks that you could order from as well. I think this was all due to the event being filmed for TV, so it will be interesting to see the set up for events at SoFi in the future.

This was the first event held at SoFi and the FIRST concert in LA since the start of the pandemic! It was so nice, and being that everyone was fully vaccinated made me feel comfortable. PLUS, we still wore masks just to be extra safe. I'm fine with wearing masks for things now as long as it lets us go about somewhat normal life.

Everyone was dancing and it was nice to just talk to strangers again! Life felt normal again, so I’m here for fully vaccinated events and SoFi stadium is like a dream! The lighting during the show made me feel like we were in a space ship. I CANNOT wait to attend football games there soon.

To hear and watch the whole VAX LIVE concert, tune in this Saturday here on KIIS at 5pm. The show will also air on ABC, CBS, FOX and YouTube.

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