Finally! Universal Studios Hollywood Reopens Today



It's such a big day here in Southern California - Universal Studios Hollywood opens TODAY following more than a year of being closed!

And not only are we finally getting to return, but the park is reopening with a NEW Secret Life of Pets ride... and a revamped Jurassic World water ride.

Tickets and advance reservations are limited only to California residents and are only available online. And of course, Universal Studios Hollywood is taking a lot of precautions to keep people visiting the park safe:

So usually, max capacity is approximately 21,000 visitors at the park... that means Universal could now allow:

- approximately 6,000 visitors at 25% capacity

- and just under 9,000 at 35% capacity.

So the lines will be SHORT! The park is also requiring everyone do a temperature screening before entering the park. This will take place inside the Jurassic Parking structure before the security checkpoint.

Other precautions that are in place: face masks are required, there will be social distancing enforced and all payments will be contactless if you'd like to return to the park.

For my family, we are so excited for the new Secret Life of Pets: Off the Leash dark ride.

Secret Life of Pets is currently the Aiza and Maxon's favorite movies (yes, both of the movies!) so we bought tickets to go to Universal Studios for the day before their birthday. The rule currently is that kids up to 2 are free... so since they won't have turned 3 just yet, they'll be able to go free!!

Just a side note - don't you think amusement parks should extend the "free" age to 4 for the next year?! My kids missed an entire year of going to places for free because of the pandemic sooo it only seems fair... right? HA!

You bet we will totally be returning to Disneyland again sometime after baby girl is born, so it's fiiiine. Who else is SO excited for the return of amusement parks?!

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