Taylor Swift Fans Think They Know Who 'Mr. Perfectly Fine' Is About

63rd Annual GRAMMY Awards – Telecast

63rd Annual GRAMMY Awards – Telecast

We all knew that Taylor Swift would be releasing never-heard-before songs "from the vault" along with the re-release of her album Fearless. But I will be honest, when I found out that she would be releasing songs that she wrote around the time of writing Fearless which was released in 2008, I totally forgot to think that these songs would be about the same exes and experiences she had back then, 13 years ago!

SOOO when the song came out and Swifties all over the internet were claiming they knew who the song was about, I was shocked! But let's take a look at what they think about 'Mr. Perfectly Fine', the latest vault song to be released:

Fans quickly speculated that the song is about none other than Joe Jonas, who Taylor also wrote the breakup bop "Forever and Always" about.

But why do fans think the song is about Joe? Well, the pair broke up just before the Fearless album released (and Taylor rushed to get "Forever and Always" onto the album). Plus, these lyrics are clues:

"Mr. 'Looked me in the eye and told me you would never go away'" - this lyric is actually a parallel with a lyric in "Forever and Always" which was "you looked me in the eye and told me you loved me."

Then she sings:

"Mr. Never told my why/ Mr. Never had to see me cry." - which alludes to the 27 second phone call that Joe broke up with Taylor with. She talked about the phone call on The Ellen Show back in 2008, and I'm pretty sure if someone breaks up in a 27 second phone call, there's no time to tell them why OR hear them cry.

And lastly:

"'Cause I hear he's got his arm 'round a brand new girl/ I've been picking up my heart, he's been picking up her" - Joe famously dated Camilla Belle just after Taylor (and she starred in the Jonas Brothers' 'Love Bug' video!)

Of course, this all happened 13 years ago, and the song is harmless at this point!

Taylor is dating a different Joe, Joe Alwyn and Joe Jonas is married to Sophie Turner, who actually supported Taylor and the new song on Instagram!

Sophie shared a screenshot of herself listening to the track and she wrote, “it’s not NOT a bop.” Taylor then reposted the story saying, “forever bending the knee for the of the north.”

And as for how Joe Jonas is coping, he seems PRETTY unbothered by it all: he posted pics of him golfing.

I just LOOOVE getting new Taylor music - especially from this era where she was SO transparent about who she was writing about. The girl has ALWAYS loved an Easter egg!!

Which song from "the vault" are you MOST excited for?! The album is out tonight at midnight!

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