This Disneyland Restaurant Is Going To Start Serving Alcohol

Disney Lays Off 28,000 Workers As Pandemic Takes Toll On Theme Parks

Disney Lays Off 28,000 Workers As Pandemic Takes Toll On Theme Parks

If you've ever been walking around Disneyland and thought "man I could really use a drink right now," then you are going to loooove this news. Alcoholic beverages will be available in one of Disneyland's restaurants soon.

Previously, we could only purchase drinks (like, the 20+ kind) inside Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge - or if you were in California Adventure - but now drinks will be added to the menu at Blue Bayou.

The Disney Parks Blog announced the exciting news and people are VERY ready to not only get back to the park but also get into the Blue Bayou for a drink.

This will be the first time drinks are available at Blue Bayou, and the menu will include beer, wine and a new specialty drink called the Hurricane Cocktail. There will also be a sparkling wine package at the restaurant.

If you can't recall exactly where the Blue Bayou is, it is the restaurant located INSIDE the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.

Here's the bad news, unfortunately: the Blue Bayou is not planning to reopen immediately when the park itself reopens on April 30th. At the time of the park's reopening, it will still be facing a number of restrictions, so the alcoholic beverages at the restaurant won't be available juuuust yet - but they're coming soon for sure!

According to the state’s guidelines, theme parks that are located in counties that are in the red tier (the second-highest tier on the state’s coronavirus threat blueprint) can reopen with 15% capacity. If the county moves to the orange tier, the capacity bumps to 25%, and increases to 35% at the yellow tier (the lowest level on the state’s threat blueprint).

We heard news that we could be moving into the orange tier this month, so I am hoping that means bigger capacity for Disneyland soon!

I won't be going back until after baby girl is born, but I am definitely excited to take Aiza and Maxon back as soon as I am comfortable with it!

What about you? Are you going to be getting tickets for the park ASAP?? Leave me a Yap below!

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