Meghan Markle Wore This Affordable Dress From An LA-Based Business



If you caught Meghan Markle's brief appearance in Prince Harry's segment with James Corden on The Late Late Show, then you may have been wondering where the dress that she was wearing is from.

And even if you weren't wondering where she got it from, because her appearance was brief and the view of what she was wearing was even more brief, it's exciting to note that the dress the mom-to-be was wearing is actually from a Los Angeles-based family-owned business!

The brand, called Velvet Torch posted about their dress being worn by Meghan in an Instagram post, which they captions "so this happened today!"

Now, unfortunately the dress - which only cost $30 by the way - sold out almost immediately after people found out Meghan had worn it, the boutique here in Los Angeles is still totally worth supporting.

Velvet Torch's website advertises that the clothes are "made in LA" and if you go to the website now, they actually are advertising the dress that Meghan wore as well, suggesting people "Get That Meghan Sparkle."

Becuase the dress sold out so quickly, they are offering pre-orders for those who still want the dress. And they say they are planning on having the dress back in stock for those who pre-ordered it by mid-March!

Honestly, the dress is SUPER cute and looks really comfy, so I get why Meghan is wearing it through her pregnancy. But also love that she is shopping at places that you and I can afford AND support a local business.

There are so many cute items on the website and Instagram, so if you are in need of a cute and comfy dress, this seems to be your place!

I mean look at these!

Thanks for the heads up on this adorable local business, Meghan!

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