Demi Lovato Gets Real About Aftermath Of 2018 Overdose In New Documentary

Super Bowl LIV Pregame

Super Bowl LIV Pregame

Demi Lovato has always kept things real with her fans - and now she's getting even deeper, sharing her experience and complications since her nearly fatal overdose in 2018.

Demi opened up about her struggles before and after the overdose in the trailer for her new documentary - Demi Lovato: Dancing with the Devil - which premiered on YouTube yesterday and will be released in full on March 23, 2021. But she also spoke on a panel and did an interview with PEOPLE where she shared more about the brain damage she has after having a heart attack and 2 strokes following her drug overdose.

Speaking with the documentary's director Michael D. Ratner at a Television Critics Association panel, Demi talked further about how the overdose has changed her life and her body, emotionally and physically.

Demi shared that she doesn't drive anymore because of the brain damage she experienced, which left spots in her vision.

"And I also for a long time had a really hard time reading. It was a big deal when I was able to read out of a book, which was like two months later because my vision was so blurry."

While she is being honest about these challenges, she also told PEOPLE that she wouldn't change the aftermath:

"Everything had to happen in order for me to learn the lessons that I learned... It was a painful journey, and I look back and sometimes I get sad when I think of the pain that I had to endure to overcome what I have, but I don't regret anything."

Demi says she is proud of the person she is today, and she is proud for people to see it in the documentary. She really has been through so much, it breaks my heart to hear about everything she is still dealing with, but if one thing is for sure, it's that Demi is incredibly strong. It's so powerful how she is sharing her story with everyone.

You can watch the trailer here:

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