'Zillow Gone Wild' Is The Instagram You Didn't Know You Needed



I’m happy to know that I’m not alone with my obsession with Redfin and Zillow... it seems like everyone I talk to admits to constantly looking at homes (even if they have no intention of moving!!). The world is obsessed, and even SNL did a sketch about Zillow last weekend.

If you don't know what I'm referring to, you NEED to watch this:

Zillow is a holy database of “more than 110 million US homes for sale, for rent, and those ones that are not even on the market.” But then you come across these homes and sometimes mansions where you can’t believe someone would decorate it the way they did or design it so oddly!

This is where Instagram account “Zillow Gone Wild” comes in... we now have this hand-picked collection of seriously odd real estate findings that'll make you look twice. And I am telling you, I am OBSESSED with this account now, too!

From the outrageous to the ridiculous... let's take a look at some of these 'wild' homes:

This one is literally just 6 feet wide...

This is the most expensive home in NY - at $79 MILLION.

Then there is just... whatever this is:

But some of these homes are INSANE and AMAZING!

So, you're welcome for introducing you to the Instagram account you never knew you needed. I can spend hours just browsing all these different, funky, extravagant homes and I bet you will start doing so, too. Even when they're SOOO far out of your price range, they're so much fun to look at. I definitely re-decorate them in my head and then am bummed out that I can't do so in real life!

What is your favorite past time that you've picked up in quarantine? Maybe it's not house hunting, but I hope SOME of you have the same as me!

Leave me a Yap below about how you've been spending your time!

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