Hear Taylor Swift's New 'Love Story' In Commercial Written By Ryan Reynolds

2019 Billboard Women In Music - Arrivals

2019 Billboard Women In Music - Arrivals

By now, we all know that Taylor Swift has been planning to re-record her older albums after she left her former label, Big Machine Records, and her masters were sold to Scooter Braun. The masters of her first six albums - which she never had ownership of - have since been sold again to a new company, but Scooter will continue to benefit from them as part of the deal.

HOWEVER, Taylor revealed to us recently that she is absolutely working on re-recording her original 6 albums in order to have ownership of the songs she released beginning with her debut self-titled album in 2006 all the way to reputation in 2017. She does have ownership over the music she has released since she changed labels, starting with her album Lover.

This morning, Taylor surprised us all by revealing that her new version of "Love Story" has been used in a Match.com commercial written by her friend Ryan Reynolds!

She tweeted the news, along with a slight update about her other re-recordings:

She made it VERY CLEAR that the masters are not done, but that Ryan specifically asked to use Love Story for this "LOLsome" commercial... and honestly the commercial IS hilarious and soooo sums up this year.

Watch the commercial here and get ready to go "oh wow, yeah" because it so perfectly pokes fun at the terrible year we have all had.

I'll be honest, I watched the commercial before I saw Taylor's tweet and I did not even realize that this version of Love Story was the new version because it is SO well done to reflect the original!

Taylor has made comments about how all of the songs may not sound exactly like the originals, but it's clear that she stuck to the original with Love Story, and I imagine she may stick to the original sound with a lot of her biggest songs. But I guess only time will tell!!

Taylor promised that although the re-recordings are NOT done, she is working hard to get them out "soon" - and if we know Taylor, we know she will release them in some perfect way.

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