Alex Trebek Donated Park Space To Los Angeles Years Ago

Hollywood Remembers "Jeopardy!" Host Alex Trebek

We've known Alex Trebek was a national treasure for quite some time - I mean, think about how many of us have spent a good amount of time watching him host 'Jeopardy!' each night for years and years.

But this latest news about Alex, and really about something he did years ago reminds me just how wonderful he was. If you missed the news, Alex passed away earlier this month from pancreatic cancer, but he certainly left a legacy to be remembered.

Something that just came to light, though, is that back in 1998, Alex donated 62 acres of land to Los Angeles and created the Trebek Open Space in the Hollywood Hills. The park area is still accessible today and actually connects to the famous Runyon Canyon Park.

The space is described by the Mountains Recreation & Conservation authority as "a sunny, well-established network of fire roads" that "provide trails for hikers, mountain bikers, and equestrians."

After Alex's passing on November 8th, the Laurel Canyon Trust reminded his fans of the park space that he donated with a post on Facebook:

The post shared that the adored host had passed away, and then shared information on the land he donated:

"This was not only a gift to urban Angelinos who thirst for open space and outdoor activity, but a gift to native animals such as our local Mountain Lions that require large amounts of open space in order to survive, and a gift to future generations who will have to reckon with climate change in the years to come. Thank you Alex Trebek and may you Rest in Peace."

Another environmental non-profit that Alex was passionate about? The Musk Ox Development Corporation that raises and cares for the animals, which became endangered in the 1950s due to a high demand for their meat and wool. The Musk Ox was Alex's favorite animal.

Sending so much love to Alex's family, friends, coworkers and fans during this time. We will certainly all miss his friendly face on our TVs.

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