Heads Up! Netflix Is Raising It's Prices

US Online Streaming Giant Netflix : Illustration

US Online Streaming Giant Netflix : Illustration

If you are hoping to keep on Netflix & Chilling you way through this pandemic and the upcoming colder days of fall and winter, then I have some news for you: be prepared to pay up just a liiiittle more for your current plan.

That's right, Netflix is increasing their prices for each level of accounts. The good news is, there aren't DRASTIC changes being made.

Netflix's standard streaming plan, which offers HD streaming on up to two different devices simultaneously, increases in cost by one dollar a month. It will now cost $13.99, up from $12.99. However, the service's premium plan, which provides up to four ultra HD streams, increases by two dollars a month. It is now $17.99, up from $15.99.

If you have the most basic streaming plan, though, there is no charge increase. This plan allows only one device to stream at a time and will remain at the previous cost.

It seems that for current users, these price increases won't be effective immediately.

For any NEW members signing up, the prices took effect yesterday, Thursday. For current members, we will receive a notification within the app with a 30 day warning of the price increase. I haven't seen mine yet, but it seems the timing of the increase for curernt users will be based on the specific member's billing cycle and will be rolled out over the course of the next few months. So get your streaming in while you still have the lower price!

A Netflix spokesperson explained to PEOPLE that the increases are being made in order to offer users a greater variety of movies and TV shows. I'm all for having options, but we DEFINITELY already have more than we could ever watch. Of course, for so many who only rely on streaming services for entertainment, a dollar or two dollar increase a month is probably not the end of the world!

Happy streaming!

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