New 'Twinning with Sisanie': We're Trying Something New!

Another week, another quarantine update from our family on my podcast Twinning with Sisanie.

Since being in quarantine and working from home, my husband Michael has been joining me weekly on the podcast where we talk about what we're up to with the twins, how we're staying sane during the pandemic, and anything else under the sun.

This week, though, we decided to start a brand new segment: Flashback Fishbowl. Basically, we throw a bunch of prompts for stories from our past into a bowl, and each week we'll pick one and take you all back in time to a time before we even had kids.

This week, we shared the story of our first trip together - which involves Katy Perry.

Plus, we gave updates on how the kids have decided to stop listening to us (helppppp!) and dealing with serious mosquito bites we're all getting.

Take a listen to the new episode:

If you have any suggestions for future Flashback Fishbowl topics, send me a message on my Instagram or Twitter OR leave me a Yap below and we'll be sure to add it to the fishbowl!

What have you all been doing with your kids to keep them busy this summer? Leave me a Yap below so we can *all* get some new suggestions.

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