Evan Spiegel Talked Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom's Admirable Co-Parenting



So many people know - whether from personal experience or watching their friends or family members experiences - that co-parenting with a former partner can be hard. And I have to believe co-parenting with af ormer partner, while both of you happen to be incredibly famous, can be even more difficult.

Such could have been the case for exes Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom, who share their 9-year-old son Flynn.

Miranda's husband Evan Spiegel recently opened up about his experience being a part of that dynamic and was extremely complimentary toward Miranda and Orlando's co-parenting skills while talking to WSJ. Magazine.

Evan spoke about how his parents are divorced, but his experience being a part of the family with Miranda, Orlando and Flynn is "different."

“What I saw from Miranda and Orlando was very different from what I experienced... I am in no way a replacement for Flynn’s dad. I feel like [I’m part of] Team Flynn.”

Evan also commented that he and Miranda have an open-door policy and welcome all of Flynn's friends, their families, and Orlando whenever.

He shared, "this is one of the things I love about Miranda... Everyone is welcome. It’s the Aussie way.”

Evan and Miranda now share two kids, Hart and Myles, so the pair is very focused on parenting in quarantine. While their two kids are young - Hart is 2 and Myles is 9 months old - they have become more lenient with Flynn's screen time since the pandemic began.

It makes me so happy to hear that Evan, Miranda and Orlando all have such a positive relationship, because as we know, Katy Perry is due (any day now?!) with Orlando! To think Flynn will be getting another sibling and they will be adding to their big modern family is so exciting.

What are your best co-parenting techniques?!

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