What Lengths Would You Go To In Order To Go Back To Your Favorite Bar?

As we get ready to start exploring the options that come with re-opening certain places we used to frequent before the coronavirus pandemic, have you thought much about what those places will look like?

We know many stores are able to be open for curbside pick up only for now, and eventually when they open will need to operate at a smaller capacity before someday (I think?) returning to normal. But for restaurants and bars, things may take a bit longer for us to be able to resume our "norm" at the businesses.

Some of these businesses are making plans for how they will adjust to our new normal, but the question is... would you be willing to do what it takes in order to maintain social distance and stay safe while dining out or our drinking with friends?

For one bar in Maryland, they're planning on reopening with the use of "wearable tables."

I know, I know, I heard the collective, "huh?" from you all. But they're basically just giant inner tubes that you would have to wear while in the bar, but they include a place to put your drink.

You might feel ridiculous wearing a giant 3-foot each way bubble around you at the bar, but this is the only option at the time that this bar feels they could re-open, keep safe, and let people hang out with their friends and have drinks in public.

The plus side? There's certainly no chance of that creepy guy at the bar coming up to you on the dance floor unannounced!

But then again, once people are allowed out in the "wild" again - how will flirting work with everyone wearing face masks and now... inner tubes?!

The inner tube, personal tables are supported on wheels so you can move freely around the bar, but it doesn't seem like something you want to be moving around too much with.

What do you think? Would you want to go out to the bars enough to put up with a wearable table?? Let me know in a Yap below!

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