Could These Greenhouse Pods Be The Future Of Eating At A Restaurant?

Coronavirus Pandemic Causes Climate Of Anxiety And Changing Routines In America

Coronavirus Pandemic Causes Climate Of Anxiety And Changing Routines In America

Have you thought much about what it would look like once we start reopening restaurants and we have to modify our usual dining experience to keep space from others and remain safe while trying to resume "normal" life?

Well, one restaurant in Amsterdam is exploring their options when it comes to resuming business and being able to let customers come and dine "in" the restaurant.

Rather than opening up the space entirely, the people at Mediamatic ETEN in Amsterdam are currently looking into creating quarantine "greenhouses" - basically pods with clear walls - to allow diners to come and have the restaurant experience without having to be exposed to other customers and even keeping very limited exposure to the waiters themselves.

The pods would be on the waterfront outside their restaurant to give diners the option to easily social distance during the pandemic. Individual pods would allow two to three people to dine together intimately while isolated from other restaurant-goers. And the restaurant is encouraging that people only share a pod with those that they currently live with.

As of now, the restaurant is only testing the pod dining experience with family and friends of staff as they wait for permission from the government to re-open, and even then, their upcoming reservations are sold out.

Reports say the waiters at Mediamatic will wear gloves and "transparent face shields" as well as using long boards to serve diners their meals. Plus, the greenhouses are set far apart from each other to ensure minimal contact between customers.

It's actually a pretty great idea. I am interested to see how it works for the restaurant as the government does begin to re-open there, and I wonder if anything similar would be brought to Los Angeles.

Specifically on the west side, there are a lot of outdoor options along the water, and in other parts of the city, we have nice enough weather to justify eating outdoors regularly! So hopefully as things re-open here, we can find a way to allow restaurants to have customers, while staying safe!

Leave me a Yap with your thoughts about how we will be able to return to restaurants below!!

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