Pancake Cereal Is The Delicious TikTok Trend You Should Totally Try



If you've been on TikTok anytime in the last couple weeks, I'm sure you've seen things like whipped coffee and White Claw slushies... but have you also spotted the mini pancake cereal that people have been making??

With some extra time on our hands, especially in the mornings and on the weekends, we may be making more pancakes. But now we can make a lot of really tiny pancakes and turn them into a cereal. We're already trying out new things in the kitchen, so this is just another thing to try out while in quarantine. And your family or roommates will thank you, because who doesn't love pancakes?

There's nothing particularly tricky about this recipe, either. You just need your usual pancake supples (the stuff to make the mix, butter, syrup, fruit, if you're into that) and milk for the "cereal" part of this. Plus you will need a squeeze bottle or a bag with a small cut in it, order to make the teeny, tiny pancakes.

Once you mix up your batter and put it in either your bottle or bag, you fire up the grill, grease your pan, and start putting a tiny amount of batter onto the pan at a time and make pancakes like usual... but smaller.

Check out this TikToker's tiny pancake cereal:

Once you've got tons of little tiny pancakes, you top them with butter and syrup to your liking, and thennnn you pour in a little milk and eat them like cereal!

I haven't tried them yet so I don't know if the little pancakes get crispy or if they're still soft and fluffy like a normal pancake? Either way, if you're going to eat them like cereal with milk I guess you gotta eat fast before they get too soggy, right?!

If you've tried this out PLEASE send me your recommendations. I think this would be a super fun weekend project... and maybe the twins would love the tiny pancakes, right?!

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